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Never before in our history have we faced so many challenges on a global scale. The wellbeing of mankind and our planet is seriously endangered.

More and more leaders feel it as their purpose to make a positive contribution to their own wellbeing, that of other people and to our planet. They acknowledge that a fundamental change in awareness is necessary to make a successful transition to a more peaceful and sustainable world.

CIRCULAR LEADERSHIP was founded in 2014 to enable leaders to raise their consciousness so they can gain mastery over their lives, guide their actions and be a source of inspiration to those around them.

We teach leaders how to be resilient in times of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) in order to develop vision, focus, creativity and better intuition.

With our innovative and state of the art leadership- and team programs we create a connection between heart and mind and help leaders to discover their personal purpose so they can transform themselves, their teams and their organizations for a better world.

When leaders raise their level of consciousness they build sustainable organizations in which people thrive, are more fully engaged, more creative and work powerfully together. These leaders realize their purpose and continuously adapt to their environment; delivering innovation and value to their organizations, stakeholders and the planet.

We typically integrate the following components into our programs:

  • Resilience, Stress Management and Personal Health

  • Courage and Compassion

  • Connecting with the Power of Nature

  • Self Awareness and Planetary Awareness

  • Energy Management and Sleep Improvement

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Dealing with Change and Disruption

  • Decision Making in Crisis Situations





Let nature be your guide for inspiration and wellbeing

Leadership Retreats are learning experiences in Nature

Let nature re–open your senses and your intuition. Revisit your intentions. Where are you today? Where do you want to go next? Grow, personally and professionally. All in the great outdoors. We teach leaders how to be resilient and deliver peak performance by integrating the wisdom of the body, the heart and the power of nature and applying greater awareness to improving their nutrition, sleep, exercise and work habits.

This includes meditation – silence practices, such as mindfulness, dynamic mind practice, breathing and relaxation exercises and body awareness training, indispensible skills for a leader to expand his/her consciousness.  Benefits include greater creativity, sharper intuition, more focused attention and a stronger sense of whether we are aligned with our purpose.

We facilitate retreats for individuals, teams and leadership groups. Retreats last between 3 – 7 days, and are suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Individual Leaders

Multi–client programs for individual leaders who want space to reflect on purpose, connect with peers and convert insights into action 

Team Building

For top teams that want to align on direction, strengthen relationships, renew and commit to transformation

Leadership Groups

Top executives to realize alignment, build strong relationships and create unstoppable momentum.



Resilience and Compassion Training

Working in the health care industry can be very demanding for managers and professionals. Many lose joy, resilience and energy. What once was meaningful in their work and gave them energy has gotten out of reach.

The MFMP training was developed for medical professionals and managers in the health care industry to enable them to better deal with work stress and regain energy and joy with the following questions:

• How can I develop a healthy work – life balance?  

• How to deal with emotional events or problems in the organization?

• How to deal with the tension between external quality demands and my own quality ideas?

• How do I regain joy in my work again?

Purpose of the Training

• Developing real connectedness with patients and fellow workers

• Dealing with work stress and working with joy and satisfaction

• Energy management, more energy at work and for family and leisure

• Effective meetings with focus and non-judgement

• Inner peace at the workplace and keeping overview to make the right decisions

• Open work culture with support for each personal development

• Continuous learning, improvement and innovation

• Cultivating compassion and self compassion for resilience, inspiration and and energy

The training is based on the preservation of resilience through biofeedback, mindfulness, self regulation, body awareness and emotion management.




Train your Mind and your Heart to become more Productive, Creative and Happy


The accelerated pace of modern office life is taking its toll on productivity, employee engagement, creativity and well-being. Faced with a relentless flood of information and distractions, our brains try to process everything at once increasing our stress, decreasing our effectiveness and negatively impacting our performance. Employees and managers have become too overworked, unfocused, and busy to stop and ask themselves the most important question: What can we do to break the cycle of being constantly under pressure, always-on, overloaded with information and in environments filled with distractions? Do we need to accept this as the new workplace reality and continue to survive rather than thrive in modern day work environments?


Circular Leadership developed the RSTP answering the need of professional organizations to facilitate an effective and evidence based training for leaders, managers and employees to deal with the challenging circumstances of modern office life. Core element of the training is the use of biofeedback to enhance and stimulate resilience and stress management by training the brain and the heart to respond differently to today's constant pressures and distraction.

In the training of five Module of 120 minutes participants learn to become more focused, calm and have less clutter in their mind and better manage their time and attention to make strong, thoughtful decisions. Thoroughly tested in a diverse range of industries, the program has resulted in measurable increase in productivity, effectiveness, and job satisfaction. Participants of the program will learn to put an end to ineffective multitasking, unproductive meetings, poor communication and other unhealthy workplace behaviors.

The program provides practical, easy to apply, tools and techniques to enhance performance and effectiveness in day to day work activities such as meetings, emails, communication, planning and creativity. Thereby transforming daily work life by helping individuals and teams realize more through greater focus, awareness and individual and organizational performance.



We facilitate key note speeches and incompany workshops and masterclasses on the following subjects:

  • Circular Leadership, becoming a resonsible and sustainable leader

  • Resilience, Stress Management and Personal Health

  • Courage and Compassion

  • Connecting with the Power of Nature

  • Energy Management and Sleep Improvement

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Dealing with Change and Disruption

  • Decision Making in Crisis Situations



Leaders Are Made, Not Born



New Leaders for a Sustainable World

Unique training program for millennials to discover and connect with their purpose and with nature to become a succesful and happy sustainable leader.



One Year Program

Our One Year Program was developed for senior executives (5-10 years executive experience) who want to discover and develop self awareness and planetary awareness to become a succesful circular leader and consists of 6 three day modules ending with a 4 day nature retreat.



Back to our Roots

Urbanizaton and our modern hectic life has alienated us from our natural environment. Research has shown that being in and connecting with nature has a strong positive impact on our wellbeing, creativity, emotional balance, immune system and blood pressure. In this 3-5 day program participants discover the Power of Nature as Healer and Inspirator.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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